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In space no one can hear you scream...and it's the same in cinemas! Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey into the Alien universe when you purchase an Alien super ticket with ODEON. Your journey will begin aboard Prometheus where you’ll venture into a new world, followed by a sneak peak of the latest film, Alien: Covenant and an exclusive never before seen clip, revealing what happened to Dr. Shaw and David after Prometheus. Your journey will end back on board the Nostromo, where sci-fi history was first made in 1979 as the original Alien (directors cut) returns to the big screen!

So fasten your seatbelt as an Alien world awaits....

Book your Alien super ticket online for April 26th and return on May 11th to see a special preview of 'Alien: Covenant' before anyone else!

Alien Day Schedule - 26th April

  • 18:30 - Doors open/ pre show begins
  • 18:55 - Prometheus begins
  • 20:56 - Break
  • 21:06 - Ridley Scott introduction
  • 21:07 – Alien (Director’s cut)
  • 23:03 – Alien: Covenant sneak peek
  • 23:14 - What happened to Dr. Shaw? – Exclusive NEW footage
  • 23:18 - Programme finishes

Alien Covenant Preview 2D - 11th May

  • 20:30 - Doors open/ pre show begins

Your super ticket experience is not over yet… As well as seeing all the great films on the big screen, you’ll receive a free limited edition poster when you visit an ODEON cinema on April 26th and when you book online you’ll receive a 20% Amazon discount on selected DVD, Blu-ray and Amazon Video Purchases (terms and conditions apply).

*After purchasing your super ticket you will shortly receive an email containing a unique barcode. You must present this bar code and your booking confirmation at the box office on April 26th to collect your ticket to the ‘Alien: Covenant’ preview on May 11th. You will be one of the first to watch the latest instalment in the Alien saga and be ready, as no one can hear you scream aboard the Covenant spacecraft....