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All The Money In The World

ID may be required Strong violence, injury detail, threat & language.


About this Film

  • Released on 05/01/18
  • Genre Drama, Thriller
  • Cast members Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg, Christopher Plummer
  • Running time 133 minutes
  • Directed by Ridley Scott
  • Language English

Golden Globes: 2 Nominations - Best Director, Best Supporting Actor.
Bafta: 1 Nomination - Best Supporting Actor. 

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ODEON says...

In 1973, a young man named Paul was kidnapped and held to ransom. But his grandfather, despite having ‘All The Money In The World’, didn’t want to pay the kidnappers.

Jean Paul Getty was the patriarch of the family, an enormously wealthy oil tycoon, and infamously miserly. Even his grandson’s abduction wasn’t enough to force him to part with his fortune. And so, Paul’s increasingly desperate mother Gail had to find a way to convince Getty to save her son.

A harrowing true story, ‘All The Money In The World’ boasts an all-star cast including Christopher Plummerr, Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg.

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

Wonderful staff

Reviewer: MothdiverDate: 2018-01-14

I thoroughly enjoyed this film even though I settled on it after booking the wrong day for another film, something Hinckey happened while looking at the films on Friday, however once the problem was noted, I would like to thank Myah and Phil

a good story

Reviewer: BLaMEDate: 2018-01-08

a good watch. refreshing with no cgi and action craziness. enough to keep you gripped

Serious film

Reviewer: daveh44Date: 2018-01-07

A film for grown ups. No flashy CGI or stunts. A well crafted, well acted film. JPG was a piece of work - well portrayed.

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