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Infrequent strong language & moderate sex references.


About this Film

  • Released on 16/06/17
  • Genre Drama
  • Cast members Marc Webb, Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, Lindsay Duncan
  • Running time 101 minutes
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Frank is tasked with raising his niece, trying to give her the life he believes her mother would have wanted for her. But Mary’s not an ordinary child – she’s ‘Gifted’.

When she goes to school, her teachers quickly discover that she’s a mathematical prodigy, doing advanced calculus at the age of seven. Her grandmother wants to send her to a special academy for gifted students, but Frank is determined for her to have a normal life and enjoy being a kid. 

‘Gifted’ is a heartfelt drama starring Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer, from the acclaimed director of ‘(500) Days Of Summer’.

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Reviews & Ratings

Reviews in the press

4 Stars
“ A touching family melodrama ”

3 Stars
“ This hit US indie dramedy will warm your cockles ”

3 Stars
“ An emotional roller-coaster ”

Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

Brilliant Film

Reviewer: FilmiseeDate: 2017-06-26

This was a really sweet film. My 14 year old daughter and I really enjoyed it. It was funny, sad and everything in-between. A couple tear jerkier moments too. just an overall enjoyable film. Would definitely recommend..

Loverly Film

Reviewer: Saint2Date: 2017-06-23

Great acting, especially from the young lead actress. SHE HOLDS THE SCREEN TOTALLY. Human story, with witty dialog and good plot twists that will maintain your interest. Watch this and enjoy. Capt America may be in it - but very human in this film.

Family drama

Reviewer: spoilerfreefilmreviewsDate: 2017-06-21

This story is a mix of family trauma, duck out of water and rom-com. It so easily could have fallen into the pit of TV Movie but is lifted by very high quality actors and crew including Captain America’s Chris Evans. However the true star is a Mckenna Grace, an amazingly talented 10yr old actor. The performances are totally believable so that you feel their pain and joy. This is a genuine Family Film for all ages. I freely admit loosing control of my tears a couple of times and laughing out loud at others. I left feeling much happier than when I arrived. So here we have a really good film without explosions’, guns, monsters, cops and robbers or CGI. What a relief that it can still be done


Reviewer: km5834Date: 2017-06-17

This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Heartwarming, funny, sad, a rollercoaster of emotions. Well acted by all. I loved it and will be awaiting the release of the dvd to buy it or might even go to see it again.

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