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Isle Of Dogs

Mild threat, violence & language.


About this Film

  • Released on 30/03/18
  • Genre Animated
  • Cast members Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Edward Norton
  • Running time 101 minutes
  • Directed by Wes Anderson
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Meet the incredible A-list vocal cast & quirky characters

20 years in the future, an outbreak of dog flu in Japan causes Mayor Kobayashi to banish all dogs to a rubbish dump called Trash Island: the ‘Isle Of Dogs’.

Desperate to bring his missing pet back home, Atari hijacks a plane and ventures forth on a perilous mission to the island. Teaming up with a pack of other exiled dogs, he searches for his old friend on an adventure that will decide the future of the country. 

A stop-motion animation from acclaimed director Wes Anderson, travel to the ‘Isle Of Dogs’ with an all-star voice cast including Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton and Bill Murray.  

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

Great film!

Reviewer: Tell It Like It IsDate: 2018-04-17

Anyone taking their kids to see this might want to do their homework first as it is NOT a kids film, maybe older teenagers who would get the humour. A great film and quite possibly a future classic. Wes Anderson at his best. Highly recommended.

A quirky gem

Reviewer: AlexTDate: 2018-04-16

It's a pity this film falls under the radar of some, who fail to grasp animation can be for adults. A true WesAnderson style, it's deliciously different and beautiful. The humor is subtle and dry, definitely a gem among a sea of the same stuff.

Isle of Dogs

Reviewer: AdismaggieDate: 2018-04-04

Not for young children because they won't understand the film's anti-politics, anti-propaganda, animal rights stance. I absolutely loved it, and was glued to my recliner seat for every minute of the two hours. Would buy on DVD and watch again.

Not for children

Reviewer: Janet KDate: 2018-04-03

Brought my 9 & 5 year old daughters and left after half an hour because they were bored with it. Could be a better watch for adults but definitely not for young children

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