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Leaff 2017 - Loser's Adventure + Q&A


About this Film

Leaff 2017 - Loser's Adventure + Q&A
  • Released on 28/10/17
  • Genre Comedy
  • Cast members Kim Chunggil, Beak Seunghwan, Shin Minjea
  • Running time 105 minutes
  • Directed by Ko Bong-soo
  • Language Korean

ODEON says....
Director Ko Bong-soo, a new, emerging, very talented director from Korea will talk about the making of this comedy/drama. 

Daepoong High’s wrestling team is in danger of disbanding due to lack of players. The coach tries to persuade the principal so that his two players can compete in tournaments.

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Leaff 2017 - Loser's Adventure + Q&A

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