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ODEON Screen Unseen

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About this Film

  • Released on 11/12/17
  • Genre Unknown
  • Language English

What's ODEON Screen Unseen?
Exclusive preview screenings with a twist! You book in advance but you don't know what film you're about to see until the curtains go up.

How much are tickets? 
Tickets £5 in cinema/£5.75 online*

What type of films do you play?
ODEON Screen Unseen could be anything! But:

  • They're all guaranteed to be advance previews - so you'll be one of the very first to see the releases.
  • They're all guaranteed to be films we believe are 5 Star future classics.
  • They will never be a horror film. Check out Screen Unseen's spooky sister ODEON Scream Unseen for your horror fix.
  • And they're all guaranteed to inspire conversation.
So you really don't tell us the film?
No, but if you want a hint we release clues and hints on Twitter @ODEONCinemas and Facebook.

Anything else I need to know?
  • ODEON Screen Unseen is an over 15s event so we give it that rating, but we could show anything from a U to 15.
  • We won't tell you the run time, but you can expect it to last between 90 and 180 minutes.
  • There will be a short pre feature reel lasting around 5 minutes, so please be in your seats at the advertised time so you don't miss the start of the film.
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Join our Screen Unseen mailing list to be notified about all upcoming screenings.

*Single standard 2D tickets for screenings are £5 (if bookedin cinema) or £5.75 (if booked online). The online price includes a booking fee of 75p perticket. Blockbuster priced films will incur an additional premium.

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(UK & Ireland)

Three Billboards

Reviewer: BetoDate: 2017-12-11

A BIG surprise at Screen Unseen today! My first reaction was ... "Oh! I have seen the trailer!" but having seen the trailer I did not expect the actual film to be so good! Suffice it to say that it has already been nominated for a Golden Globe ...


Reviewer: JosephDate: 2017-10-23

Movie was "The Florida Project" absolutely awful, a movie which is "enjoyed" by such a small amount of people. Hearing the echos of so many people saying "waste of time" and "never getting that time back". This was shown by the amount of leavers LOTS

Screen Unseen

Reviewer: SparkymonDate: 2017-10-09

A Brilliant Cockney take on the goings on in the Kremlin, Not so very different from today Great lets have more please


Reviewer: funfunFUNN!Date: 2017-04-28

My 1st time doing Odeon Unseen... And I'm definitely doing it again! Mindhorn is definitely not a movie I'd have watched willingly, but I thoroughly enjoyed it-it was so silly, but even managed to tug on my heart strings before spinning bk to comedy

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