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Rangreza SFL - Subtitled Foreign Language

About this Film

  • Released on 21/12/17
  • Genre Musical
  • Cast members Bilal Ashraf, Urwa Hocane, Gohar Rasheed
  • Directed by Aamir Mohiuddin
  • Language Urdu

ODEON says...
The story revolves around Reshmi (Urwa Hocane) who belongs to a traditional Qawwal family. She has been engaged since childhood to her cousin, Waseem, played by Gohar Rasheed. Conflict arises when Ali, a famous popstar played by Bilal Ashraf falls in love with Reshmi.

The film is a journey of how two different classes and schools of thought come together.

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Rangreza SFL - Subtitled Foreign Language

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