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Reign Of Fire + The Thing Presented By Supernova

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About this Film

Reign Of Fire + The Thing  Presented By Supernova
  • Released on 28/04/17
  • Genre Science Fiction
  • Cast members Matthew McConaughey, Kurt Russel
  • Running time 225 minutes
  • Directed by John Carpenter, Rob Bowman
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Supernova: An all-day celebration of sci-fi cinema

Reign of Fire & The Thing (18)
Time Slot: 6.30pm-10.15pm

Next up at Supernova, will be a celebration of some of the great monsters of sci-fi with a double bill of the post-apocalyptic 'Reign of Fire' and all time classic, 'The Thing'. Under appreciated upon release, 'Reign of Fire' has gone on to attain cult status thanks to its excellent effects work, fantastic performances from Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey and its distinctly unique imagery of a desolate Britain where dragons have run amok.

Similarly undervalued on release, but having grown in prestige over time, is director John Carpenter’s undisputed masterpiece, 'The Thing'. Much has already been written about the quality of this film, with a cast of tremendously talented performers lead by Kurt Russell and phenomenal effects work from Rob Bottin and Stan Winston, but words cannot capture the oppressive atmosphere and sheer terror that Carpenter cultivates in his stark Antarctic setting. This is one film that simply has to be seen, to be believed.

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Reign Of Fire + The Thing Presented By Supernova

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