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Secret Spitfires

Mild bad language & images of real dead bodies.


About this Film

Secret Spitfires
  • Released on 10/11/17
  • Genre Documentary
  • Running time 52 minutes
  • Language English

In 1940, the Germans succeed in destroying the Spitfire factories in Southampton, but unknown to them, the British decide to build Spitfires in secret.

Witnesses account this never before told story of amazing achievement, recounting times of terrible sadness as well as joyous times that include GI's, a Glen Miller concert and a Joe Louis boxing match. Set against a backdrop of picturesque English countryside, the RAF pilots who fly them today and of course, the iconic Spitfires themselves. This incredible story concludes with Vera Lynne reciting a moving poem written by a Spitfire pilot.

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

Salisbury local

Reviewer: JMDate: 2017-11-21

So disappointed I am not able to see this film as programme times are during the working day. Would it not be possible to have a couple of evening and weekend showings? I am sure this film would appeal to a wider audience than just retirees.

Fascinating Film

Reviewer: Mrs SSDate: 2017-11-14

A fascinating film for anyone living in and around Salisbury. Amazing to think that we've lived here all this time and never known about the Spitfires that were built on our doorstep. We took our teenage boy who also loved it. Highly recommend


Reviewer: Jay AitchkayDate: 2017-11-12

A must see for all! Amazing insight into a hidden past. Relevant to many communities in the area but also to a wider audience. A must see for all age groups. Brilliant and moving.


Reviewer: SAL4Date: 2017-11-12

What a truly wonderful film. Highly recommend it - everyone should get the chance to see this incredible story. It took me through a huge range of emotions from laughter to tears to immense pride. Brilliant!!

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