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The Happy Prince

ID may be required Very strong language, strong nudity & drug misuse.

About this Film

  • Released on 15/06/18
  • Genre Drama
  • Cast members Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Emily Watson
  • Running time 105 minutes
  • Directed by Rupert Everett
  • Language English

ODEON says...
‘The Happy Prince’ follows Oscar Wilde’s last few years before his death: once one of the most famous writers in England, he’s now disgraced and in exile. 

After being convicted of “gross indecency” because of his affair with Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas, he left the country and began a new life in Naples and Paris. Now, in his final days, he reminisces about times past and considers how much his fortune has changed. 

Rupert Everett writes, directs and stars as Wilde in ‘The Happy Prince’, a moving and heartfelt chronicle of the great writer’s twilight years. 

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