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The Myths


About this Film

The Myths
  • Released on 24/11/17
  • Genre Comedy
  • Cast members Yannis Papadopolus, Fedor Bondarchuk, Sergey Bezrukov
  • Running time 95 minutes
  • Directed by Alexander Molochnikov
  • Language Russian

ODEON says....
The last hope of Russian cinema, producer and film director Fedor Bondarchuk owes money for a music clip. The artist Sergei has played everyone from Jesus Christ to squirrels. Sergei is depressed, he has no role to play and doesn't know how to live. The TV presenter number one in the whole country Ivan, can´t stop joking in everyday life.

A poor foreigner by chance puts himself into the thick of lives of the rich and famous. Trying to help the stars to solve their problems, our hero falls in love with the wife of the Big mayor, and decides to do everything to kidnap her from the Moscow´s Olympus.

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The Myths

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