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Thor: Ragnarok

Moderate fantasy violence.


About this Film

  • Released on 24/10/17
  • Genre Action
  • Cast members Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchette
  • Running time 130 minutes
  • Directed by Taika Waititi
  • Language English

ODEON says...
The God of Thunder returns in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, a race against time to stop the destruction of Asgard at the hands of the ruthless, incredibly powerful Hela. 

She’s destroyed his mighty hammer Mjolnir and hurled him to the other side of the universe. He has to get back and stop her – but first, he finds himself imprisoned and forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena. His opponent: the Incredible Hulk! 

Take your seats for a battle for the ages in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, reuniting fellow Avengers Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, and introducing Cate Blanchett to Marvel’s universe as the villainous Hela. 

It's time to Ragna-rok and roll with Thor! Find out more...

Thor: Ragnarok is shaking up the Marvel Universe!

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Reviews & Ratings

Reviews in the press

4 Stars
“ Marvel's exhilaratingly fresh nostalgia trip brings the thunder ”

4 Stars
“ The most outrageously fun film Marvel has yet produced ”

4 Stars
“ Irreverent, helter-skelter, a riotous screwball threequel. ”

Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)


Reviewer: ScifiDudeDate: 2017-11-13

Outdoes Guardians of the Galaxy for funny and clever. Hela really looks the part. Superb visuals and sound. Unafraid to question some of the murkier aspirations in Norse mythology.


Reviewer: boyblueDate: 2017-11-12

not a bad film ,more like a 12 year olds comic book , unless Thor is retiring ,Thor without his hammer and long hair does not work ,its like superman without his powers ,nice money making spoof film nothing else

thor and hulk.

Reviewer: my filmDate: 2017-11-11

good movie in Northwich and crewe.


Reviewer: liz12Date: 2017-11-08

Loved it, even better than the previous Thor films and I enjoyed them all. This one is very funny, lots of humour and laugh out loud moments

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