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Total Recall + Westworld Presented By Supernova

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About this Film

Total Recall + Westworld Presented By Supernova
  • Released on 28/04/17
  • Genre Action, Science Fiction
  • Cast members Yul Brynner, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Running time 210 minutes
  • Directed by Paul Verhoeven, Michael Crichton
  • Language English

ODEON says..
An all-day celebration of Sci-fi Cinema

Total Recall + Westworld (18)
Time slot: 2pm-5.30pm

Our first double bill of Supernova 2017 brings focus to future technologies gone wrong with 'Total Recall' and 'Westworld'. 

Often considered as one of director Paul Verhoeven’s best films, 'Total Recall' provides all the action packed excitement an audience could expect from an Arnold Schwarzenegger in the early 90s whilst also managing to pay suitable homage to the dark paranoid fantasies of author Philip K Dicks’ source material.

In a similar fashion, 1973’s 'Westworld' sees author Michael Crichton adapt his own novel for the big screen, but while the two films share a dark undercurrent, the latter replaces all out action with a simmering suspense that would go on to inspire the tone of 2016’s hit television adaptation.

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Total Recall + Westworld Presented By Supernova

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