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You will float too...

If you are not already one of the millions of people with a clown phobia, get ready to become one!

On September 8th one of the most anticipated horror films in history is released. 'IT' is back, and the story that inspired a generation of nightmares has already got the fans a critics shaking in their boots...

Join us to explore what all this excitement is about and trust us, you’ll float too...

Most viewed online trailer in history! Everyone's mad about IT!

With 197 million views globally within 24 hours of its release, IT has instantly managed to acquire manic hype as the internet lost its collective mind.  This is the trailer that toppled Star Wars: The Force Awakens (112 million) and previous record holder Fast and Furios 8 (139 million). You must take a look to get the thrill....


The King has spoken!


First reactions are positive and truly scared...

If the king of suspense is happy, we can all sleep well (or perhaps we should be worried about having a lot of nightmares...). 

During the last comic-con, some lucky fans managed to get a peak into the darkenss. Here's what they thought.

Why is IT terryfing?

The atmosphere

Derry isn’t like other towns. There’s a 7pm curfew, and people die or disappear six times more often than average. And everything seems connected by the sewers...

Lovely right? That’s why news of IT’s 15 rating seems to have been well-received, by both fans of horrors and King’s source material. Based on the idea that the rating allows the film to fully explore the adult themes of King’s book and do justice to a genre which doesn’t want any limititation on it's ability to make your hair turns white.

The clown 

2017’s Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgard) looks different to the iconic 1990’s Tim Curry version.  If the first IT had more a look of a friendly clown who turns terrifying, the new Pennywise is essentially more disturbing.  His style has something more devilish and the fact that he looks and feels closer in age to the kids is a prospect that feels more terrifying than an older man creeping around in a clown costume. 

Bill Skarsgard put his own deepest fears in the role, trying to be the character he plays (he didn’t even meet the kids before the shooting of his scenes in order to get a real scared reaction from the cast),  turning the performance into a next level  of believability.

The question is:  can Bill Skarsgard be scarier than Tim Curry? A social media pool has spoken and looking at the result based only on short previews and trailers, the result seems promising...

The creepy theory

Interestingly, a circulating fan theory that went viral, pointed out that the first IT movie came out in 1990. Pennywise comes out and terrorise Derry every 27 years. 1990 + 27 = 2017. Scary right. 

What we know so far is that we won’t have to wait another 27 years to see the anticipated second part of IT , which will see the grown up kids still fighting Pennywise.

IT Part II has been already announced and depending on the commercial success of the first part, it will  see the light in a couple of years. But it’s quite exciting thinking that every generation will have its own scary clown coming back making sure no ones sleep is safe


Where should I watch IT?

Only a big screen with the best sound system can give you the right thrill.  Find your closest ODEON and book online not to miss the scariest film of the year! We're also giving everyone who books online to see 'IT' a 2 for 1 offer to ramp up their Halloween season with Fright Nights at Thorpe Park Resort!