365 Dni (365 Days) SFL - Subtitled Foreign Language

ID may be required strong sex, sexual violence


About this Film

365 Dni (365 Days) SFL - Subtitled Foreign Language
  • Released on 14/02/20
  • Genre Unknown
  • Running time 114 minutes
  • Language Polish

ODEON says...
Laura, in order to save her relationship from falling apart, goes to Sicily, where she meets Massimo. A dangerous man, the head of a mafia family, kidnaps her and gives 365 days to love him.

365 Dni (365 Days) includes dialogue in English, Polish, and Italian.

English dialogue will be accompanied by Polish subtitles.Polish dialogue will be accompanied by English subtitles.Italian dialogue will be accompanied by Polish & English subtitles.

365 Dni (365 Days) contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

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(UK & Ireland)

highly recommend

Reviewer: Anna35Date: 2020-02-18

Great movie????


Reviewer: PoochfaceDate: 2020-02-18

If the system allowed, I would give this half a star. This is worse than the awful Fifty Shades films. In fact it is the worst film I have seen in a long time. Cliched and badly acted. It certainly isn't erotic. I couldn't wait for it to end.


Reviewer: Mr fetish Date: 2020-02-17

Awesome film beautifully shot ,very sexual and passionate maybe a bit much for some people ,great story line and good music really enjoyed it classic piece of cinema art .will probable see it again next week .


Reviewer: zofiaDate: 2020-02-14

Wrweszcie polski film na swiatowym poziomie. Piekne zdjecia. Bardzo goraca atmosfera.

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