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A Simple Favour

ID may be required Strong language, sex references, drug misuse & violence.


About this Film

  • Released on 21/09/18
  • Genre Unknown
  • Cast members Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding
  • Running time 117 minutes
  • Directed by Paul Feig
  • Language English

ODEON says...
A Simple Favour’ follows the adventures of Stephanie, a vlogger who gets caught up in a mystery when she tries to discover why her best friend Emily has disappeared. 

Joined by Emily’s husband Sean, Stephanie quickly finds herself in over her head and with no idea what’s going on amidst twists, betrayals, secrets and startling revelations. 

Anna Kendrick stars in ‘A Simple Favour’ alongside Blake Lively and Henry Golding, in this thrilling mystery from Paul Feig, the acclaimed director of ‘Spy’ and ‘Bridesmaids’. 

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

Not To Be Missed

Reviewer: BetoDate: 2018-09-22

Watch out for Anna Kendrick's performance! Be ready for some heartedly laughs on the account of her character genuine naivete (as it were). Oh! And by the way, this is not a comedy! A must see!

Very Lively

Reviewer: Derek WinnertDate: 2018-09-22

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are great together in this weird black comedy mystery thriller tale of female friendship. Folks who like thrillers or black comedies, or both, should find plenty to relish here. It is a bit of a quirky one-off, and welcome for that too, even if it crashes and burns in its final act.

Black Comedy

Reviewer: charles0207Date: 2018-09-22

Black comedy thriller. More strange style than comedy. Intriguing start, then complex twists and turns until the end. Well acted. Great presence, intense parts. Good to see a film with no explosions. For some reason it had a French pop sound track, including Serge Gainsbourg.

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