Ad Astra

Infrequent strong language, moderate violence, threat, gory images


About this Film

  • Released on 18/09/19
  • Genre Science Fiction
  • Cast members Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler
  • Running time 123 minutes
  • Directed by James Gray
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Years ago, Roy McBride’s father was lost while on a mission in space. Now, Roy’s heading ‘Ad Astra’ – to the stars – to try and discover what happened to him.

It’s the biggest and riskiest journey of his life, but he needs to know what happened and why. Why did his father disappear, and why did his mission go so wrong?

Brad Pitt stars alongside Tommy Lee Jones and Ruth Negga in ‘Ad Astra’, a gripping science fiction thriller from the director of ‘The Lost City Of Z’.

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

Very underrated

Reviewer: TheTruthDate: 2019-10-21

Fantastic movie with depth and meaning that you don't always see in sci-fi. I think that's why this movie is underrated, because many people are buying a ticket expecting to see Armageddon but what they're getting is Space Odyssey 2001.

Ad Astra

Reviewer: CinephileDate: 2019-10-10

Beautiful beautiful movie, Bard Pitt is mind blowing in it, Oscar performance, going to watch it for the second time.

Ad Astra *****

Reviewer: JennixxDate: 2019-10-08

I don't usually like movies like this but i thought it was thought provoking and a brilliant cinema experience. Brad Pitt is a brilliant actor - his characters detachment from human emotions; love, fear, empathy was wonderfully portrayed.

Poor Plot..

Reviewer: D BDate: 2019-10-03

It had the making of a good film, there was space, beautiful scenes and artworks, a good host of well known actors, but somehow the story line was so full of holes it just didnt work. I feel like This could have been much better and just failed.

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