Moderate violence & scenes of sustained threat.


About this Film

  • Released on 14/12/18
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Cast members Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman
  • Running time 143 minutes
  • Directed by James Wan
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Find out how Aquaman went from Zero to Hero!

Arthur Curry, the ‘Aquaman’, is the heir to the throne of the underwater city of Atlantis. Now, he’s forced to step forward and become the hero he’s meant to be.

Caught between the surface world and the undersea kingdom, he’s forced to grapple with his own mixed feelings about wearing the crown, and a new threat that’s beginning to emerge. 

Jason Momoa stars as ‘Aquaman’ alongside Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and Willem Dafoe in this epic superhero adventure from the director of ‘Fast & Furious 7’. 

WARNING - STROBE LIGHTS: All customers, especially those who are particularly sensitive to flickering strobe light sources, are advised that some scenes in this film: “AQUAMAN”, contain strobe light effects. Those who may be affected should take appropriate action.

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)


Reviewer: Strawberry MumDate: 2019-01-31

Ponderous, pointless and makes absolutely no sense. The script is limp and the acting is wooden. Kidman is a superb actress, but totally miscast, and Momoa is charmless and dull.


Reviewer: abilouise3Date: 2019-01-13

how dare you insult such a coooooool movie. This really hurt my friend seeing aaaall these hate comments. Yeah I get it Jason Momoa isn't the sexiest man alive but he did a brill job so if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say it at all.

DC's Finest Hour

Reviewer: Godfather Part 2Date: 2019-01-12

Forget the essentially overrated Wonder Woman, this is the best DC outing yet. Spectacular with likeable leads and non stop action, i didn't want it to end! DC have had a few false starts but this is the benchmark to step up to. Great film!


Reviewer: PavanranuDate: 2019-01-05


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