Hababam Sinifi Yeniden SFL - Subtitled Foreign Language

Implied strong language & scene of sexual harassment.


About this Film

Hababam Sinifi Yeniden SFL - Subtitled Foreign Language
  • Released on 12/04/19
  • Genre Unknown
  • Cast members Altan Erkekli, Toygan Avanoglu
  • Running time 107 minutes
  • Directed by Doga Can Anafarta
  • Language Turkish

ODEON says...
The most legendary class of Turkey is back in school! And it’s the most fun class ever! The class of Hababam is back once again with its decades-spanning traditions, paying hommage to the great actors of earlier films!

The new students, teachers and other amusing characters of Çaml?ca High School are all excited for the new school year… because coeducation is introduced once again and female students are coming to the boarding premises!

The new girls and the Hababam boys are challenging each other in the funniest ways… and things get messed up through these challenges.

The naughty students of Hababam; Buoy Nuri, Format Hasan, Classy Faruk, the handsome one, and Jolly Jumper become enemies with the new girls at first… and then allies with them for an amusing and entertaining adventure!

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