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Royal Ballet: La Bayadere (live) 2018


About this Film

Royal Ballet: La Bayadere (live) 2018
  • Released on 13/11/18
  • Running time 200 minutes
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Marius Petipa’s fantasy, set in legendary India, tells the tale of a temple dancer and the prince who loves her but marries another. The famous, moonlit ‘white act’ – The Kingdomof the Shades – is a corps de ballet highlight, as multiple images of the prince’s lost lovehaunt his mind. 

The choreography allows two opposing ballerinas to shine, while abronze idol comes vividly to life in a stunning solo. Throughout, the melody and moods of Minkus’s music perfectly match the fluidity and precision of the classical choreography and the drama of the storytelling.

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Royal Ballet: La Bayadere (live) 2018

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