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The First Purge

ID may be required Strong bloody violence, threat, language & drug misuse.

About this Film

  • Released on 06/07/18
  • Genre Horror, Thriller
  • Cast members Marisa Tomei, Melonie Diaz, Y'lan Noel
  • Running time 97 minutes
  • Directed by Gerard McMurray
  • Language English

ODEON says...
In an attempt to control the crime rate in America, an unorthodox experiment is proposed: to make all crime, including murder, legal for 12 hours. It’s called ‘The First Purge’. 

Oppressed neighbourhoods are under siege from a government that desperately wants the plan to work, to the point that they’re sending in soldiers disguised as citizens to inspire acts of violence. It started in a few trial cities, but soon the Purge will explode across the nation.

Witness the beginning of the annual tradition in ‘The First Purge’, a prequel to the massively successful horror franchise. 

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The First Purge

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