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The Happytime Murders

ID may be required Strong sex references, language.


About this Film

The Happytime Murders
  • Released on 27/08/18
  • Genre Action, Comedy
  • Cast members Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale
  • Running time 91 minutes
  • Directed by Brian Henson
  • Language English

ODEON says...

Phil, a puppet private investigator, and his human former partner try to solve ‘The Happytime Murders’, the killings of members of a beloved ‘80s TV show – who are also puppets. 

Puppets co-exist with humans in this world, and someone’s hunting the Happytime Gang down one by one. Phil’s former flame Jenny is next on the list, and despite old resentments and bad blood, he and his ex-partner Connie have no choice but to work together to stop the killings.    

A noir thriller with puppets, ‘The Happytime Murders’ stars Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks and Bill Barretta, and is directed by Brian Henson. 

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The Happytime Murders

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