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The Meg

Moderate threat, occasional bloody moments, action violence.


About this Film

  • Released on 10/08/18
  • Genre Action
  • Cast members Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson
  • Running time 113 minutes
  • Directed by Jon Turteltaub
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Five years after being discharged from the navy, Jonas Taylor is called back into action to rescue a team of scientists from 'The Meg': a 70-foot prehistoric shark. 

Their submersible is trapped, and the largest marine predator that ever existed is outside it. Jonas is uniquely qualified to try and fight it, having encountered it years ago. Nobody believed him then - but now he's the only one who can stop it.  

'The Meg' sees the great Jason Statham fight a giant shark. What more could you possibly want?  

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews in the press

3 Stars
“ Statham oozes charisma while doing battle with a giant shark in this enjoyable romp ”

Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

Meg Ga Bad

Reviewer: LynnGDate: 2018-08-20

Really wanted to like this. Love anything with a shark in it usually, however I just found the acting and script SO bad! And Im no that fussy! Jason S was good enough and very watchable. The rest of the cast however....truely awful.

Great film

Reviewer: Filmfan222Date: 2018-08-19

We watched the film this morning and thought it was great. It was fun, action packed, interactive and had you jumping off your seat. Enjoy it for what it is.

Not enough Meg

Reviewer: rozDate: 2018-08-19

3D visuals were good, but just not enough of the advertised stars. After all, the film is titled for them. Acting average, plot average. Homage above average.

Good fun!

Reviewer: SammyJoDate: 2018-08-19

Went as a family of 2 adults and 1 12 year old. Really enjoyed this for a bit of fun escapism, saw it in 3D which was even better, Full of action and always something going on. Love Jason Statham anyway!

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