The White Storm: Drug Lords SFL - Subtitled Foreign Language

ID may be required Strong bloody violence & drug misuse.


About this Film

The White Storm: Drug Lords SFL - Subtitled Foreign Language
  • Released on 12/07/19
  • Genre Unknown
  • Cast members Andy Lau, Louis Koo
  • Running time 99 minutes
  • Directed by Herman Yau
  • Language Chinese

ODEON says...
Former gang member Yu Shin-Tin turned businessman and philanthropist is a on a mission to take down Hong Kong's most powerful drug lord. After losing his father to drug addiction, no price is too big as his offers a $100 million bounty for his head.

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(UK & Ireland)

Robust, dynamic

Reviewer: Derek WinnertDate: 2019-07-14

Herman Yau’s high-octane 2019 Chinese gangster action thriller The White Storm 2: Drug Lords is robust, dynamic and exciting.

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