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About this Film

  • Released on 03/10/18
  • Genre Action, Adventure
  • Cast members Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed
  • Running time 112 minutes
  • Directed by Ruben Fleischer
  • Language English

ODEON says...
Venom: Anatomy of an anti-hero

Eddie Brock is a reporter, investigating people who want to go unnoticed. But after he makes a terrible discovery at the Life Foundation, he begins to transform into ‘Venom’.

The Foundation has discovered creatures called symbiotes, and believes they’re the key to the next step in human evolution. Unwittingly bonded with one, Eddie discovers he has incredible new abilities – and a voice in his head that’s telling him to embrace the darkness.
One of Marvel’s most celebrated anti-heroes comes to the big screen in ‘Venom’, starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed.

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Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)


Reviewer: JOJO72Date: 2018-10-20

Ok, so I'm not an uber fan of Marvel, but what I saw I thoroughly enjoyed! Mr Hardy, great character, mixture of sadness, humour, utter frustration anongst other things, you did not disappoint. Thought I was going to hate Venom as a character, but I didn't! Thankyou, money well spent

Great fun

Reviewer: ThemanwhopaysDate: 2018-10-20

Way better than recent MU films. Great acting from Hardy & Williams. Funny, contemporary and a proper comic book feel to dialogue and action scenes. A surprisingly enjoyable watch. The non-Disney side of the MU have a winner here for me and looking forward to the sequel.

Not the best

Reviewer: SmallblondetravellerDate: 2018-10-18

I thought the fight scenes were great but the storyline felt a little lack lustre. I didn't really enjoy Tom Hardy's acting in this either... Film was overall very disappointing.


Reviewer: ScifiDudeDate: 2018-10-18

Should have rated this 12A not 15, particularly given Venoms humour. No references to existing Marvel characters so this may be to Spiderman etc what the X-men are, and with names like Riot (and Carnage) a distinctive spin-off universe could be in the making. Awesome!

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