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Welcome to ODEON Luxe

This is cinema like you’ve never experienced before…

Every seat on every row in your cinema has been expertly designed so you can relax and recline during your film. With less seats and more personal space, you'll have a more immersive experience with every visit.  

Now every seat is the best in the house, it’s time to experience films the way they were meant to be seen with ISENSE. With pitch-perfect Dolby Atmos sound and flawless 4K projection, the film becomes breathtakingly real.

ODEON Luxe offers you a wide range of treats for all tastes, so why not try our selection of fine wines and beers, which sit perfectly alongside our irresistible menu of hot and chilled food.  Plus with your own table built into your seat, you can enjoy your delicious cinema snacks in maximum comfort.

This is just you and the film – cinema has never felt better.

The ODEON Luxe Experience

Premium Comfort

Every seat on every row in your cinema has been expertly designed so you can relax and recline during your film. With luxury reclining seats that have at least three times more leg room than standard seats, what more could you want?

Every seat also features its own personal table, so you can graze or feast with new snacks and treats in comfort, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the moment and escape into film.

Big Picture

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall – our ISENSE screens are huge; the perfect canvas for our state-of-the-art 4K digital projectors. Four times the resolution of standard projectors, they deliver almost nine million pixels for an even brighter, clearer and more detailed picture.

Big sound

Dolby® Atmos™ introduces a powerful new listening experience to cinema goers.  With sound that truly envelops you and allows you to hear the whole picture, Dolby® Atmos™ heightens the realism and impact of every scene bringing you closer to the film.


More than just popcorn

No film is complete without cinema snacks, and ODEON Luxe offers a wide range of treats for all tastes.

Whether you fancy something sweet, salty or a bit of everything, our  menu of delicious food and drinks will hit the spot.

If you’re looking for something totally unique, why not create your own flavour sensation with our new Coca Cola Freestyle and Tango Ice Blast!

Where to find ODEON Luxe?

All our ODEON Luxe cinemas:

  • ODEON Luxe London Leicester Square
  • ODEON Luxe East Kilbride
  • ODEON Luxe Edinburgh West
  • ODEON Luxe Glasgow Quay
  • ODEON Luxe Leeds Bradford
  • ODEON Luxe Putney 
  • ODEON Luxe Haymarket
  • ODEON Luxe Swiss Cottage
  • ODEON Luxe Birmingham Broadway Plaza
  • ODEON Luxe Lee Valley
  • ODEON Luxe Telford
  • ODEON Luxe Derby
  • ODEON Luxe Liverpool Switch Island
  • ODEON Luxe Stafford
  • ODEON Luxe Hull
  • ODEON Luxe Sheffield

The breathtaking ISENSE Screen, 4k projection

Luxury hand stitched reclining seats

Screens 2 - 9, fewer seats and more personal space