From Zero to Hero: Aquaman

The DC Extended Universe is getting bigger with it's latest entry exploring the origins of Arthur Curry, most notably known as Aquaman. For years, Aquaman has been made the butt of Superhero jokes but in the hands of Jason Mamoa and Jason Wan, Aquaman's first solo outing is about to prove everyone wrong.

The Perfect Casting

Director Zack Snyder casted Jason Mamoa as Aquaman for Batman v Superman after watching Game of Thrones with Mamoa playing the towering Khal of the Great Grass Sea, Khal Drogo. 

Aquaman is typically depicted with blue eyes and blonde hair, Zack Snyder made the decision to cast the Hawaiian actor instead and we could not be more pleased. 

 Fun Fact: Hawaiians are known for their connection to the sea. So it's fitting that Mamoa would be casted as the Aquaman!

He can do more than talk to fish

Sure, talking to fish might sound like a ridiculous superpower but take a look at the bigger picture - imagine Aquaman commanding an army of Great White Sharks, sounds awesome right? 

Not to mention he's basically the underwater Superman; he's just as, if not, stronger, more durable and faster underwater!

Fun Fact: In the comics, Aquaman has been shown to command the mighty Kraken!

The Trident of Neptune

At the end of the most recent trailers for the movie, Aquaman trades in his quindent for a trident.

This trident is a very special weapon as it once belonged to the God of the Seas Neptune and grants the wielder the divine right to rule the sea. It also has magical properties, allowing the wielder to command the sea, the weather and lightning!

Fun Fact: The trident can pierce anything, even Superman's skin!

The Rightful King of Atlantis

Whoever sits on the throne of Atlantis also commands the most powerful army in the world and 70% of the Earth's surface.

As both Human and Atlantean, Arthur is the key to one day uniting both worlds and with his half-brother Orm preparing to march against the surface-dwellers - Arthur Curry is exactly the King Atlantis needs.

Fun Fact: Arthur Curry's name through Atlantean Royal Heritage is Orin!

ODEON says...

Arthur Curry, the ‘Aquaman’, is the heir to the throne of the underwater city of Atlantis. Now, he’s forced to step forward and become the hero he’s meant to be.

Caught between the surface world and the undersea kingdom, he’s forced to grapple with his own mixed feelings about wearing the crown, and a new threat that’s beginning to emerge. 

Jason Momoa stars as ‘Aquaman’ alongside Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and Willem Dafoe in this epic superhero adventure from the director of ‘Fast & Furious 7’.