Worlds collide in the conclusion to the "Eastrail 177 Trilogy"

"That sounds like the bad guys teaming up"

Introduced in Unbreakable, Elijah Price suffers from a disease that renders his bones brittle causing them to break easy though what he lacks physically, he makes up mentally with his genius-level intellect.

Posing as an ally as he mentored David Dunn after a horrific train crash and forging him into a Superhero. It was revealed it was Elijah who orchestrated the train crash and multiple acts of terrorism to prove the existence of Superhumans and become the Villain to Dunn's Hero.

Glass picks up with Elijah in an institution for the insane as he orchestrates the escalating events between David Dunn and Kevin Wendell Crumb, holding secrets critical to both men.

"I'm in security"

The protagonist of Unbreakable, David Dunn is the only survivor of The Eastrail 177 Train Crash without a single scratch which was orchestrated by Mr Glass in his obsession to prove to the world Superheroes exist.

As the first installments film title "Unbreakable" suggests, Dunn's main superpower is his incredible resilience to injury alongside his super strength and ability to instinctively know a person's morality or crimes by touching them. With these abilities, Dunn is the Superhero "The Overseer" to stand against Mr Glass and The Horde

Age may be catching up with Dunn 15 years later as he physically faces against the younger Kevin Wendell Crumb.

"That sounds like the bad guys teaming up"

Shyamalan confirmed in 2018 that Kevin Wendell Crumb first appeared in Unbreakable credited as "Five-Year-Old Boy" with his abusive mother who bumps into David Dunn that gets a bad feeling from the interaction but decides not to act upon it.

The death of his father in the Eastrail 177 tragedy and suffering at the hands of his abusive mother led to the young Kevin developing 24 different personalities as a defence mechanism.

His most terrifying personality being "The Beast", a cannibalistic personality with immense strength, speed, stamina and durability, inspired by animals he tended to as a Zookeeper.

"Boys make too much noise."

Another character to return from 'Split', Casey Cooke was the only survivor of the events but not before suffering at the hands of the rogue personalities of Kevin Wendell Crumb. Smart, mostly calm and quiet, Casey was shown to be suffering her own personal nightmare in captivity at the hands of her Uncle who abused her.

Anya Taylor-Joy has said Casey is handing the events of Split 'really well' and looks to have a sympathetic bond with Kevin Wendell Crumb based on the trailer showing Casey visiting Kevin with a sympathetic look and hand to his cheek. Perhaps she has a pivotal role in Kevin's misunderstood label as a 'Villain' and can add a sympathetic side to the Horde that we never saw before?

"I specialize in those individuals who believe they are superheroes."

Trailers have shown Dr. Ellie Staple to be a Doctor in the Institution where Elijah, David and Kevin reside, treating them in their assumed illusion that they have Superhuman abilities - particularly creating a machine that can change Kevin's personalities at will.

A seemingly firm believer that superpowers do not exist, Ellie Staple's world is about to turn upside down once the abilities of the superpowered individuals are revealed.

Once tensions start rising and the battle begins, things may or may not take a dark turn with her joining forces with Glass and The Horde or helping David Dunn protect everyone from their chaotic natures.

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The ending of 2016's Split saw Kevin Wendell Crumb's 24th personality emerge as The Beast and spared Casey Cooke - seeing her as "Pure" after the reveal of her scars as a result of her uncle's abuse.

With The Beast still at large, the audience was treated with a classic M. Night Shyamalan twist which revealed David Dunn, the protagonist of 2000's Unbreakable, to exist in the same world. If how amazing Split was didn't capture our attention then this sure did.

Shyamalan announced a sequel to both Unbreakable and Split was going to be bringing the characters of both films together in one epic showdown and we could not be more excited!