When it comes to animation, nobody does it better than Disney Pixar. From Toy Story and Finding Nemo to WALL.E and Coco, the studio continues to push the envelope with each new film. And guess what? We’re getting not one, but two new movies from the studio this year, and four more in the three years after that.

Here’s all the info you need about every new Disney Pixar movie coming your way, from Onward to Soul and beyond.

Disney Pixar Movies: Coming In 2020

ONWARD - Released March 6 2020

Disney Pixar's Onward: Four Things We Know...

  • Pixar’s 22nd movie, Onward is directed and co-written by Dan Scanlon – a man who knows his animation stuff. Scanlon also helmed Pixar’s excellent Monsters University, and was part of the creative leadership team on Inside Out, Coco, The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4. That’s some CV!
  • The film tells the story of two elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who are voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-Lord in the MCU). In an unusual move for an animated film, Holland and Pratt recorded some of their lines together. 
  • Onward’s supporting cast is amazing, and includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer and John Ratzenberger. A quick, very cool Ratzenberger fact for you: he has voiced a character in every single Pixar movie to date. Yup, all 22!
  • Onward’s story is set in an original suburban fantasy world and sees Ian and Barley attempting to bring back their late father, so they can meet him properly. As with most Pixar movies, you can expect to cry. Nobody does heart and humour better!

SOUL - Released June 19 2020

Disney Pixar's Soul: Five Things We Know...

  • Soul is Pixar’s 23rd movie and tells the story of middle-school teacher Joe, who finally gets a long-dreamed-for jazz gig, only for an accident to transport him out of his body. Finding himself at a centre known as the ‘You Seminar’, Joe becomes a mentor to souls in training. Can he ‘work’ his way back to his Earth body before it’s too late?

  • Joe is voiced by actor/singer/comedian/presenter Jamie Foxx, who’s probably best known for his roles in Django Unchained, Ray, White House Down and Collateral. Joining Foxx on vocal duties is Saturday Night Live alumni Tina Fey as 22, a life-weary soul trapped in the You Seminar.

  • In addition to voicing 22, Fey also contributed to the Soul screenplay. She’s definitely got form in that department. Her previous writing credits include the classic teen movie Mean Girls and TV’s 30 Rock, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

  • In seeking inspiration for how to animate the movie’s many souls, the Pixar animation team drew from varied cultures and religions.

  • Pixar made Joe a musician because they felt it was a “profession the audience could root for”. Their first instinct was to make him a scientist but a musician just felt more “naturally pure”.

Disney Pixar Movies: In The Pipeline

New Disney Pixar movies: Four Things We Know

  • Disney Pixar has four untitled movies scheduled for release between 2021 and 2023.

  • Rumour has it that we should expect at least one sequel (or threequel) among these new releases, maybe more. Personally, we’re rooting for Inside Out 2.

  • One thing we definitely won’t be getting is a live-action Toy Story movie. Pixar made that vow in May last year.

  • Don’t rule out Toy Story 5, though, especially with the fourth chapter picking up the Best Animated Feature Oscar at the Academy Awards earlier this year, equalling the feat of Toy Story 3.

Woody, Buzz, Jessie and new friend Forky take a tumble in Toy Story 4. Will we see a Toy Story 5?

New Disney Pixar movies: One Thing We Don’t Know...

  • Pixar is one of the Mouse House’s hottest commodities, so it pays for them to keep schtum until the timing is absolutely right. All we really have at the moment are those four nailed-on release dates, but we’ll keep you posted as and when Pixar news or substantial rumours break. Pinky promise!

In Pixar’s Onward, Elf brothers Ian and Barley attempt to bring back their father with a magical staff.

Onward - see Disney Pixar's latest family favourite at ODEON from March 6